In late 2011 Alex was ranked as one of the most influential UK property industry tweeters in the inaugural Peer Index / Property Week #PWTwitter100 - at 57/100. In the 2012 list Alex has moved up to 45/100 and was also featured on the EcoBuild list of leading sustainability tweeters!


"Alex demonstrates huge professionalism and leadership in everything she does. Her attention to detail is tremendous and her enthusiasm and energy a key driver in business projects. Alex commands the respect of industry leaders and her team enjoy working with her and find her an inspirational leader." March 18, 2012

Anne Kavanagh, Global Head of Asset Management, AXA Real Estate Investment Managers 

“Alex doesn’t just fall on the right side of issues when leading complex international projects; she has the uncanny ability to get other leaders and experts to focus on the issues and come out fighting to support the right initiatives. She demonstrates the critical balance of consideration, enthusiasm, preparation, and good judgement.” April 20, 2012

Christopher Choa, Vice President, AECOM Design + Planning

“Alexandra is one of the most dynamic real estate young executives that I know. She is versatile and precise and has a truly European vision of property developement. Alexandra is a delight to work with” June 22, 2012

Eduardo R. Lafforgue, Associate Director Europe /Executive Vicepresident, T& L Europraxis/Lifeinvest

“Alexandra brings unmatched suite of skills including strategic thinking, unrelenting energy and contagious enthusiasm to complex urban planning and regeneration issues. I had the pleasure of working with Alex on a very complex, and incredibly compressed assignment in Moscow Russia in 2011, and if it weren't for her management skills, energy and thoughtful insights we would not have crossed the finish line with such a success. She brings a great mix of intellectual talent and charismatic personality to any challenge.” June 25, 2012

Jim Heid, Founder, UrbanGreen, Inc


“I worked closely with Alex who organized an intensive one-week charette for a landowner in London seeking unique development ideas. As the chair of the panel, her organizational skills, instincts for people, and sound judgment made my role uncomplicated. Alex is equally at home in social situations and can add levity to any group. She has the perfect combination of intelligence, energy, spirit, and strategic thinking. I look forward to another opportunity to work with her.” June 7, 2012

Jeanne Giordano, President, Jeanne Giordano Limited


“Alex is one of the most impressive individuals I have met in professional life in recent years. Her ability to organise two very high level one-week review panels, one in Moscow and the other in London was exemplar, demonstrating tremendous empathy, endeavour and determination to get the reviews done. She managed high level experts without them really knowing they were being managed, always to the point and always with a smile.”May 22, 2012

Paul Jeffrey, Director, Ecorys UK  


“I had the pleasure of watching Alexandra chair a panel at the Asia House Youth Symposium. I was very impressed. I think the organisers knew that putting her in charge of the mid afternoon session would counter the usual slump. Her bright, intelligent control and wit kept the discussion lively and the audience awake. She introduced the panel well and kept all of them involved throughout the presentations and questions. She speaks clearly and eloquently and sums up key points and conclusions succinctly. I would recommend attending any panel discussion she is chairing in future.” November 2, 2011

Neil Berry, Independent Economic Development Consultant, University of the Arts London


“Alex is intelligent, knowledgeable, committed, hard-working, reliable, creative, ingenious, personable, persistent yet gentle, assertive yet respectful, and incredibly able to persuade people to get out of their way to do what needs to be done.

I would delegate a complex and delicate task to Alex with full confidence that she will not only complete it to my satisfaction but knowing that she will likely exceed my expectations - such is her track-record with me.

I wholeheartedly recommend Alex to anyone who needs someone to trust the job will get done on time and will get done right - because it will, Alex will make sure!” April 11, 2011

Miguel Ruano, Senior Vice-President / Acquisitions & Development, Marriott Vacation Club International


“Self-motivated, strategically focussed while being tactically smart and commercially aware, Alex has real leadership qualities and would add value to any organisation. She understands the human agenda which lies at the core of sustainable development which is a rare virtue in my experience.” January 31, 2011

Charlie Hughes, Chairman, Smart Futures


“I participated in conferences with Alexandra in Zurich, Washington DC, and New York and remain impressed at her ability to get to the root cause of local issues applying solutions from a global perspective.” June 23, 2012

Paul Rode, Project Executive - Johnson Controls, Johnson Controls Inc.


“I give Alexandra my best recommendations. Alexandra is well organized, focused on the task and delivers in the end. She is also very good at getting others to focus on the task and see a joint target with the process, i/e creates a good team spirit. Other than that Alexandra is a good speaker and has the ability to capture an audience. She is quick to pick up on questions and creates a dialog that makes things more interesting.” October 25, 2010

Max Barclay, Head of Communication & International Operations, Stronghold Invest AB, Sweden


“It was a pleasure to work with Alex at ULI. She is bright, enthusiastic and a wonderful team leader. Not only that, her drive to get the job done is a rare but impressive foil to her creativity and flexibility at the planning stage of many of the real estate and urban investment projects in which we have been involved together.” June 26, 2012

Joe Huxley, External Consultant, Urban Land Institute


“Alexandra is driven, professional, responsible, helpful and fun to work with. In a very engaging way she is able to get people to do what needs to be done while at the same time giving them the chance to express themselves as well as organising and coordinating great events.” May 8, 2010

Igor Sancisi, Partner, Cooper Feldman, The Netherlands


“Alexandra is a very intelligent woman, focussed and driven. She sets clear understandable and stretching goals and gets results and good outputs. All the while this is done in a professional and engaging way. She is a great credit to ULI.” June 12, 2009

Nicholas Ridley, Managing Director, NCReal Estate Consulting Limited


“PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Urban Land Institute jointly produce the "Emerging Trends" trends and forecasting series. Alex has very strong technical skills supported by an analytical mind - empowering her to lead with vigour. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her drive and passion obvious.” June 8, 2009

Dan Lavis, Global Head - Asset Management (Investment Management & Real Estate) Marketing, PricewaterhouseCoopers


“Alex is a true professional. She is directing countless project yet she alway makes time to give our team the direction and room to innovate that we need. She can quickly switch between the big picture and fine details and was born to collaborate.” May 28, 2009

Sara Turnbull, Sustainability Consultant, Arup


“Alexandra is a bright, articulate and committed individual. She has always been extremely helpful and insightful in all my dealings with her at the Urban Land Institute. Her organisational skills in setting up conferences and research are superb. I cannot recommend her enough.” April 27, 2009

Sherin Aminossehe, Vice President, HOK


“Alex is terrifically organised and has a huge wealth of knowledge - extending well beyond the property industry although that has been her focus at the ULI. She delivers on all of her commitments, and is also excellent at managing relationships across public and private organisations.” October 21, 2010

Meg Kaufman, Project Manager, London/NY Dialogue


“Alex is one of those people who blows you away with their potential within 5 minutes of meeting them. Alex participated on one of our Leadership courses for future leaders in London in 2005. Although probably one of the youngest in the group, she shone as someone who was incredibly talented, focused on achieving the best results possible, and wasn't afraid of failure in the quest for self-improvement and 'leadership stretch'. I remember many of the senior leaders would point her out to me as 'one to watch'. In the 6 years that I've known Alex, I am continually impressed with how much Alex has achieved in such a short period of time - and so easily it would seem. She's just one of those especially talented, warm, inspiring people you are privileged to meet.” April 12, 2011

 Nirupama Anand-D'Sa, Senior Programme Director, Common Purpose


“Alex was an exceptionally good business manager, supporting me closely in running a large, busy and complex department of about 100 people. Alex combines excellent business planning and organisational expertise with intelligence, insight and first-rate communication and people skills. She is enthusiastic and resourceful and demonstrates good judgement and a pro-active approach. She has excellent leadership potential.” February 6, 2010

Professor Mark Kleinman, Director of Urban Policy, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister


“Alex was one of my clients, and as such she helped shape my work and took on board my recommendations. She was one of the fast-trackers within the department and was seen as a rising star.” April 14, 2009

Shamela Kylassum, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers